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The University of Central Lancashire is the international, multi-campus university tracing its roots back to 1828 and leading the way in modern learning today.

We’ve always believed in helping people to seize every opportunity to flourish in education, at work and for life.

We’re proud of our mission and we take it seriously. With our universal, second to none support, whatever your goal, together we’ll make it happen. We’re innovative by nature, offering more choices and creating more possibilities. Combining academic excellence and real-world teaching, we give our people the skills and experience industry needs. That’s why our talented graduates are in such high demand across the world.

Whoever you are, wherever you are in life, there’s always a way.

Where opportunity creates success.

University of Central Lancashire London offers students the following:

Leading the way in modern learning. We offer students:

  • A flexible learning model
  • Support every step of the way – from first enquiry through to getting a job
  • A student community of adult learners learning together
  • Access to an abundance of potential employers
  • Flexible entry criteria - understanding the value of work experience

Second-to-none support

We understand that life can be complicated and the modern student needs an approach to education that fits seamlessly into their busy lives, and we are here to provide just that. 

Our London campus offers a flexible timetable and a second-to-none supportive environment, allowing you to achieve your educational goals without sacrificing your personal and professional commitments. 

With our friendly and experienced student support team you can be reassured that we take your wellbeing seriously. You will be offered personalised support at every stage of your education journey, to make informed choices that enable you to achieve your goals.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people seize every opportunity to flourish in education, at work and for life. We’re proud of our mission and we take it seriously.

Whatever your goal, together we can make it happen. We all have a role to play. To help, we have created this Student Charter to set out expectations for all of us.

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Student living costs

Thinking about applying to university and wondering how you’ll afford it? We can help you understand how to manage your finances. Find out what support is available during your time at university.

Scholarship and Support

Graduate career ready

Step into the workplace with confidence. We work closely with leading employers across London to secure you relevant work experience.

Employability at University of Central Lancashire London